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Let us work with you to design the hat that you have always thought about wearing. Ordering your custom built hat from us, it is unlike buying a hat anywhere else.

You deserve the unsurpassed individual service and attention we provide.


Each hat is as individual as the person wearing it and you cannot just simply click and buy from us.

We will spend the time necessary to go through every detail of your new hat order with you. The process is simple and fun.

If you know just what you want, all we need to do is put it all together on your order. You may not know exactly what you want. We are here to help you make the right choice. Here are some things to consider as we guide you through the steps.


Which color would you like your hat to be?

Which color might look best on you?

Are there pros and cons of each Color?

Your skin tone, shade of your hair, and even the colors and styles you wear most can all help with deciding the color of hat that is best for you.


Which style of crease do you want in the crown of your hat?

How tall do you want your hat crown?

Are there different reasons or benefits of having a certain crease?

What are you using it for most of the time?



Which brim style are you looking for?

How wide would you like the brim to be?

Which width suits your body frame best?

What is the purpose of the brim width?


Which trim colors would you like on your hat?

Do the colors match the hat?

What type of trimmings?

Do you want a wide band or narrow band?

Do you want binding on the edge of the brim?


Do you want a special feature added to the hat?

Do you want a pencil roll in the brim?

Do you want and eyelets in the crown?

What quality of felt do you want the hat made from?


What are the differences in the blends of fur in the felt?

Which is best for the purpose of the hat?

What are the pros and cons of each quality of felt?

What size do you normally wear?

Is that size tight or a bit loose?

Whether you are here in person or an ocean away, we can fit you with one of our tried and true measuring and fitting methods.


Once the order is written, we take a down payment to secure the order and materials needed to produce your new hat.

The down payment is usually about one third of the total price.

We consider you to have officially hired us at that point.

As you see, there are many things to consider when having a hat made to order.


We assure you that we are here to answer and questions and give guidance as needed.

Let's begin this hat journey together today.

Just call or email us to get started.

We look forward to working for you.

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